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You can read the reports by clicking for: The Investigatory Panel Report Click here and Appeal Panel Report Click here


Many members are confused and have been asking what happened regarding the recent EGM.

The EGM was called with a resolution to ask for an external inquiry into the committee’s handling of the Steve Male affair.  That resolution was never voted on, instead a vote on the wrong terms of reference being used was and that the affair would be treated as never having happened. (57 votes out of a membership of 275).

This was after an attempt to get an agreement on having an external Panel with correct terms of reference consider the case anew.

Unfortunately this was unconstitutional; you cannot (obviously) call an EGM for one resolution and then pass something totally different.  Clause 13(c) of the constitution states an EGM can be convened ONLY for the purpose stated in the resolution.

This has caused many committee members to resign.

It also leaves the fact that the Investigatory Panel considered the evidence against Mr. Male and despite his pleading complete innocence, decided that it was much more likely than not that he had taken the hand records. 

Surely the only way to clear Mr Male is for a new Investigatory Panel with a tighter remit.


So the EGM motion was:

"The Members and Committee agree that the Terms of Reference given to the Investigation Panel were not in accordance with those used by the World Bridge Federation and the SBU.

It is agreed that the Terms of Reference should therefore have reflected that, and on  that basis, the report from the Investigation Panel that there was no hard evidence is accepted in full

The entire matter is therefore closed and all sanctions are removed and treated as never having happened.

This is based on the understanding that all legal action is ceased"

There are two errors in the first paragraph, the Committee certainly did not agree and SBU should have been EBU.

Now very few present had any idea what the evidence was, ‘hard’ or not.  Also the WBF is quite clear that circumstantial evidence is quite sufficient.

So many members are deeply unhappy that an error strewn, incorrect and unconstitutional resolution has been accepted by the three remaining members of the committee.  Also the fact that these committee members are quite happy to completely forget that someone was taking hand records away in advance of tournaments.  So they feel that this destroys the reputation and ethos of their club.

In addition the person that an Investigatory Panel decided was much more likely than not to have taken the hand records is re-instated as the club’s Vice-Chairman.

This doesn’t seem right to many members as they believe he should be exonerated by a proper investigation.

Click here to read the evidence on which the Executive and Committee based their decision.  I leave it to you to draw your own conclusions.



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