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Updated 21/2/18



Derek Diamond’s team have qualified for the quarter finals of the Gold Coast Congress Teams finishing 7th in a field of 226 teams including many professional players.

This is another excellent performance after winning the bronze medal in the Commonwealth Nations tournament.



Playing in the quarter finals of the Commonwealth, Derek partnered by another GBC member Victor Silverstone had a great coup against their English opponents. With four boards to play England led by 13 IMPs when this hand came up.

The England South opened a strong NT which was passed out and went one down after a club lead.

Playing weak NT, Victor opened 1D, Derek bid 1H and so their bidding went:

1D – 1H – 1NT – 3D – 3H – 3S – 3NT – 5D

Speculative yes, but when you are losing at teams with a few hands to go you have to seek out these opportunities.

West lead a spade to 10 and Q, Victor played AC and club ruff followed by losing diamond finesse.  Another helpful spade to J and K. followed by second club ruff and draw trumps leaving:


Best chance is a doubleton AH with West and Victor led a heart to K and A. East returned TH to South’s Q and now Victor cashed his last diamond discarding a heart from dummy and leaving East stranded. If East lets 9H go then he has last two with 8H and AS, if East discards a spade he can overtake 9S with Ace and 7S is a winner.

Brilliant stuff , 12 IMPs to Scotland who clinched victory on the last board.



Having won bronze in the Commonwealth Nations tournament, Derek’s team have gone on to play in the Gold Coast Congress, a very large prestigious congress which attracts top players from all over the world.  There are 12 rounds of Swiss qualifying and after 6 rounds and 6 victories they were lying 1st.  Unfortunately they lost the next two and are now lying 16th. (team SIME).

There are 226 teams playing and one consists of Ross Harper playing with Michael Rosenberg while Ursula plays with Debbie.


Commonwealth Nations Championship


Scotland win the bronze medal.


India, the top team throughout won gold and Australia silver






Bridgewebs results are new to a lot of us.  Here is a simple guide which includes the Results Analysis that you might not be familiar with.  Click here.






Stewart Pinkerton in the Scotland team came third in the Junior Camrose.


This was an excellent performance against very strong English players.  In fact Scotland were winning half way through after trouncing the top England team.  Stewart was the star of that match picking up 25 Imps on these two boards:







Neither the Grand or the small slam is lay down but fortune favours the brave, particularly on board 9.  Stewart clearly reckoned this was a 30 point pack (10 points in spades not working).  As it was partner had KS and a bit of luck was needed.  North led AS setting up the King for a club discard and 12 tricks were there.


Great stuff to back up your judgement in this way in such a pressure situation.




Some photos from the Commonwealth Nations tournament



















































































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